Its name evokes the patron Saint of the town of Azpitia, San Vicente Mártir, as an expression of gratitude to its people for welcoming us in their beautiful lands to grow our pisco grapes and to install our winery back in 2005.


It is a beautiful town located south of Lima that literally hangs, like a balcony over the incomparable valley of the Mala river. Azpitia is characterized for being an irrigation of more than 120 years of approximately 280 hectares, at an altitude of 145 meters above sea level where its climate and unique soil develop a number of fruit trees such as apples, pears, banana, olive trees, pomegranates and of course the famous Aztec grapes to make Pisco.

The soils are shallow and as they get closer to the hills the presence of stones is growing. It has a sandy loam texture with a lot of gravel, so most of the vineyards are installed on the slopes and hillsides where, due to the presence of sand, stones and gravel, the drainage is greater and this favors the success of obtaining very concentrated harvests in sugars and aromas very typical of our terroir.

Azpitia was always characterized by agriculture and the cultivation of pisco grapes, the traditional varieties are Quebranta and Italy obtaining very characteristic Pisco Pisces from both grapes. In the year 2004 to 2005, another 4 varieties of Pisco grapes were introduced and that is how Pisco EL SARCAY de Azpitia was started with 6 varieties of Pisco grapes: Quebranta, Italy, Albilla, Torontel, Mollar and Moscatel.


In 2009 we try to make a Pisco Acholado, which makes "the difference" by paying tribute to the "old pisqueros" (not "old pisqueros") with a Pisco that they prefer to drink, that is to say of high alcoholic content and very balanced; this acholado had to be achieved from the traditional varieties Quebranta and Italy. It is so after many tests to achieve the ideal acholado, it is decided to add to the mixture of Quebranta and Italy a contribution of Albilla to add harmony and unctuousness achieving the GRAND ACHOLADO PATRON VICENTE OF 46 DEGREES. Like all our Piscos, it rests at least 9 months to achieve the roundness and tranquility that Pisco needs to express itself in all its organoleptic goodness.


50% Pure Pisco Quebranta of 48 degrees;

    30% pure pisco Italy of 44 degrees;
    20% pure pisco Pischo Albilla 44 degrees.
With this mixture, you get this Great Acholado 46 degrees that is characterized by a greater density, very bright and pristine to the eye. The nose shows very particular aromas of the Italian grape, notes of lime, lemon, orange blossom and blond raisins and light notes of fresh grass and apple.

On the palate it is a friendly entrance with a sweet and dense finish, flavors of peach, cinnamon, chocolate, lime, orange and banana, it has a long persistence and generates heat because of the alcohol it contains.

We emphasize that in the difficult decision of the mixtures to achieve the PATRON VICENTE, Carmen Gonzales Quijaite participated actively, our first Distilling Master with the participation of her disciple and colleague Fredy Puma Quispe, our current Master Distiller. Our thanks to them.